Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Eat Boy Mission Statement

here are the questions we have to answer, we are supposed to do these individually, but you can still post it on the blog 

Here are the questions in case you guys didn't get them.

What is you mission/vision?

What is your promise/tagline?

What are you creating this game for?

What benefit does your game have to it's audience (users, sponsors).

How is your game different from other games developed within serious games?

Here are my answers for now.

What is my mission/vision?
To teach people healthy habits through fun and exciting gameplay and 
lead a new generation of gamers into a healthy future.

What is my promise/tagline?
education so fun, you'll eat it right up!

What am I creating this game for?
to promote healthy eating habits and educate people about their diets.

What benefit does my game have for its audiences?
(hopefully) The playing audience can learn through gameplay, the value of the foods
they eat and make better decisions about their diet. Sponsoring parties can promote their healthy foods/plans/products in a platform that has a large audience and is easily accesible(apps)

how is it different?
it's fun! plays like a classic game, but teaches you food values without destroying gameplay, just like I know most of the hidden blocks in Mario, the players for this game know just the right combinations of food and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle(in game) which will hopefully transfer to out of game.

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