Monday, January 31, 2011

Tile texture- Fat blobs

Here's a single tile of the fat.

This is four of them put together- they all fit!

More Reference

here is an example of some tileing textures, this is from the game "spelunky" look at whats being done here, and this is only 16x16! we have double this, so we can certainly do a good job.

Just a few things about sprite animation, and animation in general. we will go over this on tuesday.

Some thoughts on the HUD

The two versions below both look great!

Some thoughts about the HUD from the programmer's POV. When the trying-ideas-out process is over and you are ready to release art files to the programmer:
  1. The top and bottom (dark red) panels of the HUD should be separate files from the world art that goes between them. (You might supply two different HUD files, one for top and one for bottom, or they can be the same, whichever you decide.) This will make it possible to scroll the world while the HUD stays in the same position.
  2. The underlying part of the HUD (pretty much just blood-red now) should be one file, and each of the items that might go on top of it should be in a different file. (You can put each on-top asset in its own file, or have a "sprite-sheet" type file with lots of assets.) The important thing is that the program will put the various indicators, such as bottles of water, in the right place at the right time. Sometimes an indicator won't be showing.
  3. Think about digits and letters you want displayed (e.g. "07/20" from "Slightly Revised Layout"). The two options are 1) use a standard font; 2) the artist supplies the art for each digit and letter. Option 1 is easier, but has two big problems: it won't work if the player doesn't have that font on his or her computer; and it looks lousy. I'd prefer to go with option 2, but it is more work work for both artist and programmer.
Keep up the exciting work!

-Dan Frost, from UCI

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inside Pancrea

I did some research on pancreas and they have lots of...extensions and are really lumpy, so I tried to make it look slightly realistic. This is the sick version of the town. And the sad citizens.

Slightly revised layout

I basically used Ian's layout, but I added a few things like the water at the bottom, like small rewards, and there are a certain number of waters you can get in each level, and I guess there'd be a water bonus if you get all of them. Or, you could just collect them, and then press them to use them to level out your blood sugar. I kind of like the second idea better.
I added the insulin bar too. There can be a few uses for this.
-an indicator that the user has used that much insulin, and there's a bonus for using less
-the level of insulin they can use; the bar is full at the beginning of the level, and if your blood sugar level gets too high you can use some, and it always brings you back down to the same place, so if you're almost at hyperglycemia, more insulin will be used (more of the bar will go down) to bring you back to taht insulin point. And if you're close to that point, it will use less insulin. But the problem with this is that you can't go into hypoglycemia from using too much insulin.
-same as the water bottles; I could just change the icon to be the same as the water instead of a meter.
Please give me more ideas or if I should get rid of something entirely.

Sprite Practice / ..Fun BD

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 3, here we come!

Super Eat Boy's Delicious Adventure!
Week 3 Layout
Anna : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Food pngs
Erik : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Background props
Ian : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Main character animations, finish idle, begin walk
Josh : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), get feedback from Mr. Frost, Donut boss with at least idle, begin walk.
Nicole : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), background.

Good luck everyone, you all did fantastic this week, lets keep it up!

Enemies Ideas ATM

Friday, January 28, 2011

Style Guide

Here it is! I hope this helps out, let me know what you think, if there are problems or things are not explained well enough or something.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enemy sketches

These are some ideas for enemies and bosses. The page with smaller enemies are probably just spawns or generic enemies. The bigger ones are bosses.  Sorry these are such terrible quality, all the colors were messed up and everything looks like it was colored by a 3 year old.  My scanner was free so I didn't know how good it was going to turn out. ): sorry!! I can explain what they do during class or if you guys ask...the hot dogs are a snake..mustard and ketchup venom! 

I'm working on an environment right now but something is wrong with my tablet so I'll probably have it done by next Tuesday.

Oh no!

Josh! I heard you almost got mugged! Are you ok??
I hope you're ok!

...(I will post my sketches shortly)

Some Items

So I thought I'd try out doing some of the food items. I wasn't exactly sure what size they should be, but I made them all 32x32 pixels (hopefully that's right). Also, I was mostly just experimenting with all the dithering and whatnot, so if anyone has any tips to make them better, I'd be glad to hear them. But if everything is okay, I can start working on some more.

- Anna

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Example Sprite

here is a quick sprite I mocked up, hopefully this will be helpful to you guys, if you have any questions or problems post your stuff up here and I'll try and help you.

just some things worth pointing out, and I'll put it in the style guide, but for the form shadows, I tried to do a bit of dithering (the checkerboard parts) and for the cast shadows I try and keep it solid, I have a colored outline around the major parts, it helps it read, and when it animates it will be easier to see, ideally. there is 10 colors in this sprite, for the most part i try and keep it shadow, base color, and highlight color, use the highlight color sparingly, and only the white specular to accentuate certain parts, its mostly just, add it in, see how it looks, and if it looks ok then its all good, no real mathematical process to it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plan for the Week

Game Doc.
some things have changed, ill edit it soon, but here it is for everyone in the mean time. If it says you dont have the permission to view it, email me and ill let you in, I tried to get everyone, I probably missed a few.

This week we need:

Concepts for:
The Town of Pancrea overview map, this should be a fun and interesting layout to run through as the first level, must include a Castle exterior, homes that cant be entered and platforms.

Inside Pancrea Castle again, overview map, three to six rooms no doors or breakable doors, but its one long hallway, again, platforms, and a room for a boss fight.

Princess of Pancrea.

Boss besieging the castle, he'll be positioned in the last room of the castle. Try to think of boss fight mechanics as well, so we can tailor him for the fight.

Cravelings bad food with a bad attitude, simple as that.

Food and Medicine  Simple sketches for a few basic foods as well as maybe a few forms of insulin.

Background/Environment since the setting is in the body, im thinking arterial walls or intestinal wall, something that looks red and pink and organic, keep in mind "naturally" forming platforms as well.

our color guide

this will be our starting color guide, just to keep things uniform, if you feel you really need to add an extra color, its ok, but for the most part use these colors if you can, it saves time and keeps thing as uniform as possible.

Dont download this just yet, im currently making some changes. ill post a revised version soon.

Reference links
how to be a pixel artist tutorial, read this first.
pixel joint community, basically deviant art for pixel artists, except good. learn from the masters here.
pirate baby cabana battle street fight. insane animation. kinda gross

here is my stuff, im calling this guy eatman for the time being.

the level i am thinking of would be a tropical island with statues of different types of food. like Easter island moais or something

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here's the Plan!

Just so everything is clear, here is the class schedule in a week:

Tuesday 10:00am -1:00pm Meet at BB(we'll find a room on Tuesday or float around accordingly) This is group time with Sandy

Saturday 4:00pm - 7:00pm This is school scheduled class time for both groups and I believe all of our Teachers.

And here is the list of work i'd like everyone to have done by Tuesday:

Simple sketches, exploring art styles, environments, color palettes, characters, props, and/orUI.

Please dont be shy or think your work wont be good enough! there's a saying I keep hearing "you have to make 1000 bad drawings for every 1 great drawing?" (probably butchered it, my bad) Point is, the more you do, the better you'll get and the better off you'll be!

So just draw! whatever, whenever, however. This is a team event, so everything will be useful!

Work on whatever you're comfortable with. After we decide our theme as a team, I will split you up into smaller groups according to what strengths I see presented on Tuesday. Don't worry though, you will get a say in what you work on, this isn't 100%, this is just what I'm aiming for in a perfect world.

If you have any questions, you can call me or post them up here!

Good luck everyone, I'll see you all on Tuesday!