Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Items

So I thought I'd try out doing some of the food items. I wasn't exactly sure what size they should be, but I made them all 32x32 pixels (hopefully that's right). Also, I was mostly just experimenting with all the dithering and whatnot, so if anyone has any tips to make them better, I'd be glad to hear them. But if everything is okay, I can start working on some more.

- Anna


  1. Hey these are fantastic! You could probably get rid of the circles around it if you wanted to expand your images a bit more. keep in mind though we dont need finished pieces yet, even just simple concepts are fine. but seriously awesome job, :D

  2. Yeah, I was just thinking of the circles as some sort of capsule that the items would be contained in, but I guess that they're not really necessary.


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