Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enemy sketches

These are some ideas for enemies and bosses. The page with smaller enemies are probably just spawns or generic enemies. The bigger ones are bosses.  Sorry these are such terrible quality, all the colors were messed up and everything looks like it was colored by a 3 year old.  My scanner was free so I didn't know how good it was going to turn out. ): sorry!! I can explain what they do during class or if you guys ask...the hot dogs are a snake..mustard and ketchup venom! 

I'm working on an environment right now but something is wrong with my tablet so I'll probably have it done by next Tuesday.


  1. sweet stuff man, keep in mind not everything has to shoot at you, and you can go a little further with the characterization if you'd like, but good start. Well done :D

  2. Yeah I know but close combat is much easier because you dont have to think of the attacks, so I thought that in case some things could be long range we could just pick and choose instead of designing new attacks. Like the hot dog could just strike and hit you or whatever.

  3. awesome, that works great keep it up!


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