Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plan for the Week

Game Doc.
some things have changed, ill edit it soon, but here it is for everyone in the mean time. If it says you dont have the permission to view it, email me and ill let you in, I tried to get everyone, I probably missed a few.


This week we need:

Concepts for:
The Town of Pancrea overview map, this should be a fun and interesting layout to run through as the first level, must include a Castle exterior, homes that cant be entered and platforms.

Inside Pancrea Castle again, overview map, three to six rooms no doors or breakable doors, but its one long hallway, again, platforms, and a room for a boss fight.

Princess of Pancrea.

Boss besieging the castle, he'll be positioned in the last room of the castle. Try to think of boss fight mechanics as well, so we can tailor him for the fight.

Cravelings bad food with a bad attitude, simple as that.

Food and Medicine  Simple sketches for a few basic foods as well as maybe a few forms of insulin.

Background/Environment since the setting is in the body, im thinking arterial walls or intestinal wall, something that looks red and pink and organic, keep in mind "naturally" forming platforms as well.

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