Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 3, here we come!

Super Eat Boy's Delicious Adventure!
Week 3 Layout
Anna : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Food pngs
Erik : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Background props
Ian : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), Main character animations, finish idle, begin walk
Josh : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), get feedback from Mr. Frost, Donut boss with at least idle, begin walk.
Nicole : 1 tileable texture(tuesday), background.

Good luck everyone, you all did fantastic this week, lets keep it up!


  1. is the background supposed to be in pixels? I did a sketch of a new ish layout, but it's not in pixels. I added things like insulin levels, and I rearranged some of the screen..things

  2. it is supposed to be pixelated, but we can always do our best to turn a concept into pixel work, as for the new layout, post it up so me and Ian can take a look at it and everyone can give feedback

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  4. Does the background HUD mockup have to be 64x64? This is really restricting ):


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