Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slightly revised layout

I basically used Ian's layout, but I added a few things like the water at the bottom, like small rewards, and there are a certain number of waters you can get in each level, and I guess there'd be a water bonus if you get all of them. Or, you could just collect them, and then press them to use them to level out your blood sugar. I kind of like the second idea better.
I added the insulin bar too. There can be a few uses for this.
-an indicator that the user has used that much insulin, and there's a bonus for using less
-the level of insulin they can use; the bar is full at the beginning of the level, and if your blood sugar level gets too high you can use some, and it always brings you back down to the same place, so if you're almost at hyperglycemia, more insulin will be used (more of the bar will go down) to bring you back to taht insulin point. And if you're close to that point, it will use less insulin. But the problem with this is that you can't go into hypoglycemia from using too much insulin.
-same as the water bottles; I could just change the icon to be the same as the water instead of a meter.
Please give me more ideas or if I should get rid of something entirely.


  1. I'd like to keep the water as something you collect rather than an item you use.

    However i do really like the insulin bar.

    so for the insulin bar, lets have it as a meter that starts at 100% and you can use it, and the longer you hold it the more you use. this way we can make so that it can make you hypoglycemic, so you have to learn to regulate it.

    also lets make insulin refills so you can get that bar back up.

    so all in all we have: blood sugar bar, glucose burns, and insulin.

    Ill add it to the doc!

    as for the layout i rather like the original setup with with the bar and three glucose burns in the center
    i do like the insulin int he bottom right though. course if we aren't adding water as a tool, we can center the insulin.

  2. We can still collect them, those bottles can just be how many you got out of how many. I just though water could be a special item and youd get more points for getting all of them.


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