Saturday, April 9, 2011

here is the stuff i have done thus far
a poster
and icons for the game

i plan on pitching the game as a television show for kids, on something like cartoon network

Advertising strategy
since the game is educational, we want as many people to play it as possible, so releasing the game for free would be the ideal situation. Advertisements could be sold numerous ways, such as branded food items the player character eats throughout the game, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs. each could have a specific brand associated with it

Marketing the game
in the game the player has to get points to buy power ups and advance their skills in the game
so we could provide incentives for the player to tell their friends about the game via facebook to get more points. at the end of every level they could get a certain point bonus by hitting a button within the game that sends a message to a friend of theirs on facebook that advertises the game to them. if people want the point bonus they gotta advertise the game for us. 

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