Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marketing plans

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 Marketing Plan

Selling App:
-       Starting out free
-       Making extra level/texture packs for extra payment
         - Organ level packs (heart pack, liver pack, kidney pack, can collect the whole body organ set to have the complete game)
-       If game gets more popular, increase price, possibly including the extra level packs.

-       Distribute posters/stickers and link to website/information for people to look for the game
-       Put out free demo online to check popularity
-       Make game posters “mocking” other popular games 
-       Websites, forums promotion (twitter, facebook, tumblr); shows points, levels and game updates on the person’s “page”

Marketing Strategies:
-       Depending on sales/download numbers, prices will fall accordingly (higher download rates = raised price)
-       Donor items;
- High powered weapons, Character customization (Color changes, costumes, and accessories)
-       Find able sponsors and reviewers to rate game
-       Make education side exposed to parents and less exposed to children. 
-       Perfect for all ages!

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