Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello dearest superawesome team 2!

Erik and I would like to invite everyone to dinner tomorrow (sunday) night around 6 or 7 or whenever you guys are free.  We also want to treat Josh and Ian, and of course Anna is invited too :)

Please let me know when is the best time for you, and since Josh and I live close my brother Jon can take us two and Erik. And Anna, if you want to come up to Club laguna we can give you a ride too. If we're picking up Erik you can just go there if it's convenient. Just go on steam or something :)

So Josh and Ian said ok, so Anna let me know if you can come!

Thank you Josh and Ian for doing so much for our team!! Hopefully you guys can catch up on rest and homework!


  1. what kind of food do you guys want...

  2. lol this is awesome, thank you! i don't mind what we eat :D

  3. Sounds fun, I'm definitely free tonight. If you're picking up Erik from near South Campus, I can get over there easily, just let me know what time to be there :]

  4. alright erik you can tell anna all the stuff where you are. so far josh and ian like korean bbq? is that ok with everyone?
    do you guys want to get there at 6 or leave at 6? whatever you want :) i'll be on steam all day

  5. Will do! KOREAN BBQ IT IS! and leaving at 6 sounds great to me!

  6. found highest rated k bbq place on yelp in irvine. not to expensive but great ratings :) heres the address.

    3033 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    (714) 979-6700

    its kinda near John Wayne airport.
    they don't take reservations so I hope we get lucky :)


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