Saturday, February 5, 2011

OK last week! Lets make it count!


Nicole: Animate your popsicle and cotton candy. you'll need to animate the drip on the popsicle if you want to keep it, and you need to change the face on the cotton candy,  unless you wanna do an idle and an attack animation for it.

Erik: Environment props, your limits are 64x64 for large props(trees/lumpy parts) 128 for large(buildings, landmarks) Ian will be posting a style/concept guide for you to work off of soon.

Anna: environment props, you've seen the concept stuff already so just keep working!

Ian: Environmental styles/concepts for Erik and Anna Main character animation/remodel, Pixelated HUD

Josh: finish the documentation, begin packaging assets and building sprite sheets layout lvl one in full display

Good luck guys, Last week, we got this!
if anything comes up, email me or post it asap and ill reply as soon as possible. ill be checking this often :D

email me any new PSDs or PNGs so I can get them packaged!

Quick Edit: I've found if you go into Edit<preferences<general or "Ctrl(cmd on Mac) K" you can change your image interpolation so that it doesnt blur your pixels when you scale it up or down. Change Image Interpolation(under general) to "Nearest Neighbor" and you can scale it freely, HOWEVER you must be very precise because it will delete parts and add parts that arent their like it normally does, however it wont blur it so your can clean it up a bit easier.


  1. do you want me to email you the animations too since...theyre technically new pngs?

  2. just email me the psd i can set it up if you have the frames done already :D


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