Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry this took so long! here is the mock up for how the game should look, ideally. The environment is designed around sick and dead body parts, so I tried to use lots of purples and reds and sorta grey colors. The people doing environments need to do this, use these colors, try and match this. For environment background pieces, think about this theme of sick or dying organs. I tried to make a tree like thing growing out of the ground, but really its like a vein flying up to some organic tissue. Try and be creative like that. The UI is pretty much done but i feel like it could use a bit compacting. i dunno what you guys think, let me know.

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  1. wow this is so good. I really like the layout.
    I just noticed that his arms look a little beefy, and maybe his mouth should be a bit lower, but he still looks really cute.
    For the insulin , maybe instead of an "I" you could put a pill or something symbolic because just at a glance the I is a bit hard to read as an i.

    Also, the F in the food meters, will the meters fill from outwards in (assuming it means full) or does it stand for food?

    Will the water bubbles just appear when you get water? I think there should be some more opaque ones so you know how many you can get total, but this might just be them at full.

    I really really love the environment. it's perfect!

    Those are all just suggestions, please take them very lightly! This is really great thank you so much :)


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