Monday, February 7, 2011

Just want to make sure we're all on the same page in terms of schedules for the next month or so. I ran this by Sandy, it looks good to her. I'm posting it on all three Nom Nom blogs.

January - Feb. 13: LCAD teams do design and art without collaboration (interference?) from UCI teams.

Monday, Feb. 14: LCAD teams make the trek to UCI, pitch ideas and design/art, teams meet (fairly briefly).

Feb. 14 - Feb. 23: Low-key interaction between UCI and LCAD. UCI students will be working on another assignment until Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Feb. 24 - March 11: Full scale interaction, face to face meetings, iterations, demo'ing of prototypes, requests from both sides for changes flying fast and furious.

March 12 - Monday, March 14: Art is frozen, UCI teams make final game play adjustments, squash bugs. Games turned in to me for grading on Monday, 3/14.

post-March 14: work continues on a few of the prototypes, schedule TBD.

Maybe we will have a Demo Day?

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